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On the Brenta riviera.

Visit the Hotel Magia del Brenta

Take away lasting memories of the river gently flowing as time stands still, in a treasure trove packed with boundless riches that ties together Padua and Venice. The essence of travel is encapsulated by the Brenta Riviera. It runs alongside a branch of the Brenta River which flows from the Province of Padua to the Venetian Lagoon. On the way, it passes the artistic wonders of Venetian Villas such as the renowned Villa Pisani. On the Brenta Riviera you can take a journey back through time in every season and in every way, including on foot and by car, bicycle and the local boat known as the Burchiello. The Brenta Riviera is midway between the artistic gems of Padua and Venice. It encompasses some of the municipalities that are part of the Metropolitan City of Venice, including Dolo. All of this makes the SG Group’s strategically located hotel Magia del Brenta the perfect choice for short breaks and longer holidays all year round. The historic building is also a great place to stay for people on business trips. As well as a wealth of exceptional art and fine cuisine featuring various fish-based dishes, the Brenta Riviera is home to one of the world’s leading shoe-manufacturing districts, where footwear is made for top fashion labels.

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